The Dutch Cheese Museum Foundation

The Dutch Cheese Museum is run by the Dutch Cheese Museum Foundation. The aim of the foundation is to inform people in an inspiring manner about the world of cheese. The foundation works exclusively with volunteers. Together we do everything we can to provide the visitors to our museum with an unforgettable experience!


The executive board

The members of the executive board of the Dutch Cheese Museum Foundation are:

  • Hip Breebaart – chair
  • Marcel Verhage – treasurer
  • Frits Verweel – secretary
  • Jan de Heer – member
  • Theo Slijkerman – member
  • Cees Frikkee – member
  • Joop Brakenhoff – member


Under the terms of the foundation’s articles of association, the members of the executive board do not receive any remuneration for their work and are only entitled to reimbursement of any expenses they incur in the performance of their duties. The foundation does not have any employees.


Annual figures 2018 (NL)

Annual figures 2019 (NL)


The Dutch Cheese Museum Foundation is recognised by the Ministry of Finance as a Public Benefit Organisation (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling, ANBI). Consequently, gifts or donations to the foundation are deductible for the purposes of income and corporation tax for Dutch tax payers. For further information, see


The Dutch Cheese Museum is sponsored by Friesland Campina and the municipality of Alkmaar.