From cow to cheese

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1. Cows and calves = milk

No cows and calves, no milk. It is from that milk that we make cheese.

cow Cow
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2. Just mix!

A starter culture and rennet (= a curdling agent) are added to the milk. The milk coagulates and this produces curd (= the initial form of cheese). The liquid that remains is called whey.

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3. The curd is placed in barrels

The curd is pressed into barrels. This gives the cheese its familiar shape: the round Edammer cheese or the flat Gouda cheese.

Curd in barrels
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4. The cheese is placed in a bath

The cheese is bathed in brine. This gives it its strength and flavour. The cheese is then wrapped in a protective coating.

The brine bath
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5. Ripening on shelves

After the brine bath, the cheese is left to mature on wooden shelves. The longer the cheese matures, the tastier it is.

Kaasweetjes Maturing cheeses
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Age of the cheese
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